Covid News

LIVE ARTICLE: UK Government Coronavirus Latest Updates

See the latest COVID-19 Updates from the UK government in this auto-updating, live article.

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FlowFlex COmponent

In Brief:  This week’s COVID News

In case you missed them, here are the most important Covid headlines from the past week: Lateral Flow Tests, PCR’s and Antigen Tests:  What’s the difference? Throughout the duration of…

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How Coronavirus affects the body

VIDEO: See How Coronavirus Affects the Human Body

It’s important to understand what happens to our bodies when we are infected with Covid-19. This video does a great job of explaining and visualising how we can affected by…

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Covid in the Media. Home Testing

COVID:  Have we already thrown caution to the wind?

Like most people, I read the news feed on my phone most days, or at least take a glance at the headlines.  12 months ago, my feed was made up…

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Cash savings when buying in bulk

How To Save Money When You Buy Lateral Flow Home Tests Online

When the government was giving tests away for free, we all got used to acquiring home testing kits for COVID-19 in small quantities – usually 5 packs or 7 packs.…

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COVID News – Your Weekly Round Up

Here’s your weekly round-up of COVID news and all the things you need to know that have happened this week: Who is still entitled to get free Covid-19 tests across…

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