FSH Level Self Testing Kit (Twin pack)

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Did you know that 

  • FSH test is to detect the onset of menopause
  • Often there is a year’s delay in diagnosing menopause leading to suffering and complications
  • When a women’s FSH level is continuously raised without a menstrual period then Menopause has commenced
  • In fact FSH levels can diagnose peri menopause and assist in early treatment to prevent complications and suffering 
  • Early hormonal treatment prevents complications and suffering   


When should you test yourself for menopause

  • If you suspect you have reached menopause
  • If you are  having the following symptoms
    • Irregular or cessation of periods
    • Hot flushes
    • Chills
    • Night sweats
    • Mood changes
    • Slow metabolism lading to weight gain
    • Fatigue


Why our menopause test

  • Our test is a rapid test 
  • It can be done at home without a visit to the GP
  • It utilises a urine specimen
  • You need two positive tests in consecutive weeks
  • The results are reliable and accurate
  • They are available within 10 minutes


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